GL Gets Fit #194 {eating better?!}

14 Health Motivation Quotes To Inspire Healthy Eating

Hi Loves!

I have officially crossed into week 5 of my yoga program! I wrapped up week 4 on Friday!  Its wonderful knowing that I’ve been staying on track with this program, however eating better has been my challenge.

I’m struggling with cravings and fell into a chocolate problem last week!  I made the mistake of giving myself a piece that only enhanced my wanting it even more!  So had more, and more, and you know where this is going!  However, its a new week and last night I attempted making a very healthy version of steak street tacos that were actually pretty tasty and roughly 120 calories for each taco. The bonus, after 2 I was pretty good.   However I also ate some celery with ranch dip, which might not have been the best snack but it could have been worse! 🙂

This week, I’m going to try to make an effort to track calories again, see what I’m eating and where my calories are going.  I’m a visual person and maybe checking in on myself will help give me perspective again.

So after a week of cravings and chocolate and working every single day… my weight went up .2 pounds and I’m back to where I was two weeks ago.  This week’s intention, drink more water, track foods, and do my ddp yoga.

Have a wonderful week friends and happy MAY!! 🙂

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