GL Gets Fit #195 {almost half way}

Don't quit For more info visit: darlalouderback.i... 100% All Natural Health & NutritionHi Loves!

I crossed into the 6 week mark of the ddp yoga plan! I’m almost halfway as the program is 13 weeks.  The crazy part is for a month I’ve been hovering at the same weight within a quarter of a pound one way or the other.

It’s starting to drive me a little crazy.  However, I know that I’m just going to keep doing my thing.  Keep trying to make good decisions with my food choices, drink more water, and get my workouts in.  Last night was the first workout of week 6 – and dang, it was a doozy but I didn’t pause, I didn’t quit, I stuck it out and I’m happy I did!

So in six weeks – what I have I learned?  I’m still building strength, but find myself doing the modifications on a lot of the workouts since I’m still learning them.  I find myself laughing randomly when I wobble out of a pose here and there but thats also a sign that I’m actually enjoying it.

At the halfway mark – I’d absolutely recommend this program.  Its a faster pace them my normal yoga groove but I know I’m building strength and calories.  After week 13 – I’ll let you know my final thoughts on it.

So as I mentioned above, I’m stuck hanging out at this same number for a while but its ok because I might be building some muscle back.  I also will be doing measurements again soon, so I’m looking forward to seeing if that has changed at all.

Have a lovely week – and a wonderful day! xo

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