GL Gets Fit #196 {Week 7!}

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Hi Loves!

I have crossed over into week 7 of DDPY and since its a 13 week program, I’m on the down hill side of it!  This past week was a hard one for me.  I caved to sweets really bad at the end of the week and my allergies have been horrible making me feel like a sneezing zombie!  😀  But I’m not giving in.  In seven weeks, I’ve missed two workouts.  One because I was out of town and unable to make it up, and the other, I was exhausted and needed rest.

One thing I like about DDP Yoga is he’s always encouraging you to make it your own, and if you need to modify – then modify but don’t quit.  Seven weeks in and I’m still doing some modifications.  I’m not going to lie about that part, but I feel the burn and sweat after every workout so I know its working.  My goal is to complete week 13 without modifications and then I’ll jump into the advanced 13 week course. (fingers crossed!)

So this week -my weakness was chocolate.  In fact, I was avoiding it for a couple weeks.  But then I caved, bought some, and basically inhaled it one evening over the period of a couple hours.  I of course felt terrible but it tasted soooo good! 🙂  Now that I got my chocolate fix, I’m going to attempt having a small stash in the apt so I could have a piece every day and try to control myself instead of depriving myself.  My stash is in a high cabinet out of sight, but there if I need it.  We’ll see how that goes!

After a crazy chocolatey week and a nearly 6hr road trip on Sunday, how’d I do?  Well, I gained .8 lb.  Not quite a pound.  I was a bit nervous to weigh in this morning but to be honest, I needed to face the music. It wasn’t as harsh or painful as I thought!

Week 7 of DDPY has me working out 4 days instead of 3 – but I’m looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful week loves! xo

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