GL Gets Fit #198 {baby steps}

Always remember

Happy Tuesday Loves!

This week was a busy one, but I got 4 workouts in anyway!  I only did 3 days of DDP Yoga, but a couple days of walking and moving so I count that as an exercise day since I wasn’t just laying around.

Something cool happened this week.  Actually two things.  First, I’ve been a bit annoyed that the scale hasn’t been moving.  That frustrates me, because I am trying to make better choices with my food.  However, I put on a shirt that I haven’t worn since last summer and it was loose on me!  Not baggy but not clingy in spots like I remembered it being!

Second thing – I was able to hold a yoga pose that I’ve been working on for a couple weeks.  I had a general idea on how I was doing, but I needed to see it.  I set up my phone on the timer and holy cow, I wasn’t doing too bad after all!  In fact, a couple friends were impressed when I showed them.

I know I’m slowly getting stronger and more toned, so while its easy to focus on the number the scale shows me, I’m use it as a way to check in and hold myself accountable but not a determining factor of my success. My measurements aren’t changing a whole lot either but since a shirt is fitting better, things are changing in their own way.

I will cross into week 9 of 13 for DDP yoga today.  I’m planning on picking up the advanced 13 week program after this is complete because I like seeing progress.  Although I miss the chilled out zen moments of my old yoga so I may sprinkle some of those in next month.

Lastly – my weigh in.  It was a smidge less, but basically the same weight.  I did eat some delicious food over the weekend and since I’m still moving more than I’m sitting and doing DDP Yoga –  I’m not going to get stuck on it.  Each day is a new day to make better choices so I’m going to work on that, and keep moving.

Have a wonderful week loves! xo

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