GL Gets Fit #199 {pause}

My brain wants to so badly, but if I exercise during a flare, I injure myself.

Happy Tuesday Loves!

I need to just be up front.  I took last week off.  I had intentions of working out Tues-Friday.  However life and my body decided otherwise.  I picked up extra hours with my part time job and was simply exhausted.

After feeling awful for skipping and things coming up that kept me from staying on track I decided that I was simply going to hit the pause button and pick up week 9 this week.  For the first time in 8 weeks – I just had to pause, re-group, and get my groove back.

Last night I picked up week 9, and completed it.  I also realized after feeling sick as I was finishing my workout that I need to start eating smarter.  This week I want to focus on eating smart.  Finding foods that are good for me, but also provide energy to continue my day.

So after a week off, being stressed out, and pretty dang busy.  I actually lost half a pound.  Go figure! 🙂

Have a wonderful week loves!

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