GL Gets Fit #200 {just do it}

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Hi Loves!

I have crossed into week 10 of DDP Yoga and whew… its still a challenge.  Which – lets be honest, I knew it would be!

Last night was a challenge. I got home from work and was just fried.  I had to put together an outfit for Wednesday, and then a webinar, and before I knew it, it was after 8.  Typically I like to work out right when I walk in the door and get it out of the way.

However, as I was sitting at my desk working, I realized I have plenty of time to get my first work out of week 10 in, so I just go up and did it.  And guess what – I felt fantastic after.  Crazy how that works out! 🙂

Last week I did DDP Yoga twice and spent the third day on my feet working and moving for 10+ hours so I counted that as my workout.  It is kind of cheating but not really.  I could barely walk when I got home, or the following morning!  When I’m not used to standing on concrete, it kicks my ass!

So how did last week go food wise?  I tried to make smarter decisions and I’m still focusing more attention on eating foods that are better for me and will leave me feeling “full” for longer instead of consuming empty calories that burn up in minutes and push me to reaching for more and more.  Its a work in progress, but I’m taking it day by day.

In the past week I lost nearly a pound. Actually .8 of a pound, but it’s been a month since I’ve seen this number so I’m just going to enjoy it and keep trying to eat smarter.  I’ve also had a lot of stress going on in the past few weeks and it will continue for this week at least but some good things could be happening this summer.

Until next week loves, have a wonderful day!


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