GL Gets Fit #201 {stress & yoga}

Running releases so much more than stress! #thesweatlife #runningquotes #runspiraitonHi Loves!

I’d have to start off this post by saying this is the year of adulting for me!  Just making bigger life decisions that I feel are sort of “adult” things to do.  You know like insurance, retirement, benefits, boring adult stuff that will sort of set the course for your future.  Also having a slew of tests ran this spring to make sure that I’m taking care of myself inside and out.

This past week – actually the past three – have been weeks of adulting.  I’m a bit superstitious so if things go the way I’d like them to, I won’t be as cryptic in next week’s post and just tell you.  Until then, the past week has been especially intense.  However, I didn’t give in.  I got my exercise in, and it totally kicked my butt!  But it also helped me clear my head.  However, I’m also a stress eater and found myself reaching for my regular feel good foods – pizza and chocolate! 🙂  However – I did gain a pound despite getting steps in, and working out.

I’m not too focused on it tho, I’m gearing up to go on a family road trip this week.  I’m hoping to get some steps in hitting a hiking trail here and there and seeing some beautiful scenery.

So I’m going to keep this week’s post short and sweet.  I hope you have a wonderful week loves!

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