GL Gets Fit #206 {down but not out}

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Hi Loves!

Happy Sunday!

I’m two weeks into my new job and there are stairs.  And…this girl is not used to stairs! 😀  Which also means this girls legs are not used to stairs!

I spent the first half of last week with hamstrings so super tight that it was painful to walk but I also know that its a sign they are working in a new way and getting better.  Although, I felt like a little old lady in the mornings as I could barely stand up strait and walk!

I found that my normal favorite yoga moves were almost impossible because I could not straighten my legs or bend over very far.  I focused on stretching my hamstrings specifically as well as my hip flexors and its gotten quite a bit better.  By Thursday they were much better.

I’m down nearly 2 pounds last Tuesday.  I’m sorry my posting schedule is still a bit wonky until I get into a better work groove but I’ll get another post up for you this week with my latest numbers.  I’m also struggling with snacking – so I’m hoping to get into eating some healthier snacks, or better meals that don’t leave me craving a snack in the first place!

I also need to confess that since my legs and lower back were really tight and sore, I didn’t get my yoga fix in.  Instead I’m trying to get more steps in, and hope to get back into yoga very soon!

Until the next post loves – have a fantastic day! xo


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