GL Gets Fit #212 {Man I missed weights…}

Hi Loves,

You get me after two fairly solid workouts with my trainer!  Holy cramole… I was sore after the first day.  Like I waddled around because I had angry angry thighs!

My first workout was setting the bar and seeing where I was at in lifting. Yesterday we bumped it up a notch.

I told my trainer on my sign up sheet that I wanted to get into lifting weights again.  Once I met him and explained that I lifted in high school, he understood.  He’s given me two decent workouts where we spend about 10 minutes warming up, 40-50 minutes of weights, and about 10-15 minutes cooling down.

After the first day my arms and legs were jello but… I forgot how satisfying I found lifting weights.  Even more so, on my second workout, we bumped up from 10lb dumbbells to 15lb and used a 20lb at one point!  Ok, if you’re healthy, that is probably not that impressive but I set a goal on day one.  By the time we have our last workout in December, I want to be able to curl the 35lb dumbbell at least once on each arm.  Mainly because I want to prove to myself that I can.

In my mind – after only 2 workouts mind you, I see him as sort of a guide in getting my lifting groove back. I needed that push to walk with me into the gym, and into the weight room.  I’m surprised that so far, only 2 times, I’ve been the only girl in the weight room.  Thats silly!  But I don’t mind hanging out with the boys – we are all there to accomplish the same things.  Kick some ass!

I’ve also been battling a stupid head cold from Thursday-today.  That really sucks the life out of me but I’m battling thru it and resting when I can.

As far as weight goes, for the first time in a few weeks, my weight stayed pretty much the same!  I’m hoping that sweating my butt off twice a week doing weights will help put me back on a weight loss track.  I’m also focusing more on eating in, and eating smarter, instead of eating out so much.

I hope you have a fantastic week loves, and I can’t wait to see how I feel next Tuesday night after my 4th workout! xo

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