GL Gets Fit #214 {I didn’t quit!}

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Hi Loves!

Happy Friday!  This might be the longest I’ve gone on my blog without writing a post.  Sometimes life gets in my way.  Well life and a full time job and a part time job.

I also have a tendency to overbook myself and run until I’m near a breaking point.

I can’t believe my last post was on Sept 20, and today is October 12.

Lets do a brief recap.  First and foremost, I’m still working out twice a week with my trainer.  He pushes me and a the stair climber is now an acquaintance but we are NOT friends.

Since my last post I gained a bit over 2 pounds but its back off.  I seem to hang around this same handful of numbers within 4 pounds and down since I started this journey nearly 3 years ago.  But I’ve learned a lot about myself in that time and realize that my story is just evolving.

A couple weeks ago I signed up to do a 2 mile walk.  Well, the day arrived and it was cold, raining and windy, but the show must go on.  I walked 2 miles and dang, towards the end it was rough for me, but I didn’t quit.  I kept putting one foot in front of the other until I was done.  A few months ago I’m not sure I would have tried it!

I’ve seen my steps increasing in this job and try to get to a new daily average that is somewhat higher than it was before I changed jobs.  I fee like every little thing I do is a step in the right direction.

I’m also seeing more tone in my arms and legs which I credit to my trainer.  On Monday we were supposed to meet and work out but he got overbooked and forgot.  He’s in college, and its easy to overlook things even as an adult!  However, I was in workout clothes and figured, hell I’m at the gym anyway, so I’ll go do something.  I did the rower for 30 minutes and walked a couple laps around the track.

That was a moment for me.  A small part of my brain said skip it, go home for lunch.  A bigger part said girl, you’re here, go do something, it’s better than nothing.  So I tried it and felt better when I was done.

I’m going to attempt getting back into my posting groove, and have an update for you next week.  Despite not posting, I’m still doing weekly weigh ins so I can keep myself accountable.

Have a wonderful and warm weekend friends.  I’ll be working at a football game, but the good thing is I only have 2 left this season! 🙂


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