GL Gets Fit #216 {lift anyway}

These days I think nothing of doing a workout involving weights, but it hasn't always been that way for me. Like many girls, I grew up thinking that only men were 'allowed' to lift weights...Happy Tuesday!

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I’ve written something!  My life is probably the busiest it’s ever been, but part of that is my fault in working a bunch and then opting for working a part time job.  What can I say, your girl likes money! 

Actually, to be honest, the part time gig has stayed about the same, if not a bit less.  The regular job is just more demanding at times and I opt to attempt juggling both instead of cutting back on the part time gig.  I can tell you that after 5 months at this job, I’m happy here.  The new adventure was  scary leap for me.  If you know me, you know I like my comfort zone, and I like things in order.  However, things are falling into place and while I’m busy, I work with a pretty amazing group of people.

So working out – well, the past month and a sometimes ridiculous schedule had had me working out once a week here and there but also twice a week when possible.  I was lucky to get a great student trainer who appreciates lifting and lets me build some muscle back up instead of a lot of cardio.  I’m going to miss him when he moves on in December.  I’m seeing more tone in my arms which I love.  I hate my big flabby arms, so I’d rather they be big muscular arms that can kick some ass!! 😀  I’m also noticing more tone in my legs.  I really wish I would have taken measurements in August, while my weight has stayed around the same, I know areas are toning up.  I can see it and feel it.

I was taken down on Thanksgiving day by the stomach flu.  Like seriously the worst possible day to get it.  Mom was busy cooking a feast and while she couldn’t help it, the normally intoxicating smells throughout the house were hard to handle.   I spent most of Thanksgiving day burrowed in bed watching netflix on my kindle and sleeping.  I guess that is one way to not gain weight over a holiday!  Although – that was painful and 6 days later, I’m still dragging and exhausted.  At least my tummy isn’t as angry any more.

Weight wise, just to look back at my last post date, I’m .4 lbs less than I was in that post.  I’m stuck around the same numbers, but eh… I’m lifting, and working out, so I’m not so focused on that number right now.

My motivation is being able to lift more weight.  My progress has been pretty good since we started in September, and to be honest, I’m itching to see if I can bench press the same or more than I did in high school!   I bet I’m damn close.

Yesterday my trainer gave me a bit of a break since I’m still recovering, but I loved doing the leg press with 5 plates on each leg.  (My friends that lifted will appreciate knowing that “plate math” comes back easily!)  5 – 45 lb plates isn’t that much really for a leg press but we did 4 rounds prior working our way up 5 reps at a time to 225 lbs per leg at the end.  My happy moment was benching, we started out doing 55 lbs 5 times and by the 5th round we were up to 85 lbs and I did it 5 times.  I told him I wanted to do 90 but he said lets save that for next week.  (BOO!).  I am itching to break 100 lbs.  My best in high school was 120 lbs, I’d love to be able to bench that before he leaves.

Oh and the stair climber – I wanted to sweat out whatever part of the damn stomach flu is left in me, so we did 20 minutes on the stair climber.  I honestly go slow.  Slow and steady, one step at a time.  But I didn’t quit and to me that’s more important than going fast.  That’s also enough to keep my heart rate at a good pace and sweat a ton.

This post has gotten away from me – but that’s a bit of a recap on the past month and how I’m progressing on my work out adventure.  I’m glad I signed up and got a great kid to work with.

Until next time loves – have a wonderful and warm day. – xo –

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