11 Questions Tag (Avon, Kolaches, Bookworm, etc)

Sam over at Samandro did this tag and offered her own 11 Questions to whoever wanted to answer them.  See her post {here}.

1. What got you interested in makeup?

My mommy is the avon lady pinback buttons

I think this goes back to when I was little.  My mom sold Avon for a majority of my childhood.  Every week was like Christmas for me when that slightly scented Avon box arrived from UPS. (I’m not sure if it was perfume or packaging but I swear every box had a scent to it.)  Every week I’d scour the books for what was available.  And some times if I was really lucky mom would order something special for me…I think it might have started as nail polish which could explain my obsession now?!  
2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Peach Kolache from Kolache Factory

This is harder than I thought…but I’d have to say a cherry kolache.  Its basically a Czech pastry that I grew up eating when my grandma or great aunt would bake them.  They are a delicious melt-in-your-mouth sweet dough with cherry filling in the middle and a sweet crunchy topping.  I fondly remember my grandma making strawberry ones every now and then when she had fresh strawberries and that is also one of my favorites.  I have it on my list to try my hand at baking them some winter when I can con my mom into helping me!  Lets hope the stars align for to happen this year! 

3. What is your favorite book or TV show?

Bones TV Show Poster 12x36

Oh boy…this is also hard.  Favorite TV show…Bones.   I’m a bit of a bookworm or nookworm since I got a nook color for Christmas a couple years ago!!!  Favorite book(s)…there are a lot but one that I go back to over and over again is Nebraska author Bess Streeter Aldrich’s “A Lantern In Her Hand” that I read in a college lit class but if I’m feeling super nostalgic –  my book case back home has the set of Little House on the Prairie books!   I also love what my friends call chick flicks.  And enjoy books on business and leadership but I won’t bore you with those titles.


4. What beauty habit do you just not understand?

Excessive tanning – I worry when I see some people who are super brown and they look stunning but I have to wonder what their skin will be like when they are older if they keep it up, or if they are even wearing SPF!?  I hope they are but I can’t tan – I burn and if I’m luck it’ll fade into a slight tan but I rarely let that happen.  I will randomly self tan if I need some color but typically I don’t – I’m fair skinned and will just stick with it! 
OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips5. What’s your favorite nail polish brand?

I have to change this to brands.  OPI, Sephora by OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen, Zoya, and really any brand with a color that catches my eye!

6. What’s your favorite part about being a blogger?

I’m still pretty new to blogging.  But my favorite part is interacting with people that I would have never met before blogging and people who share the same interests as me. 
How To Wash Your Face For A Beautiful, Glowing Skin7. What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Wash my face – either with an exfoliating scrub or a regular cleanser with salicylic acid which keeps my skin clear and hydrated.  

Love the Bubble Necklace8. If you could only wear either jewelry or lipstick for the rest of your life which would you choose?

Jewelry – I think I could change it up a lot more with jewelry rather than lipstick!

9. Who’s your top celebrity crush?

Channing Tatum Paul Walker

Its a tie…Channing Tatum…or Paul Walker
Nelson Mandela Education quote via www.Edutopia.org10. You’ve just become queen of the world, what’s the first issue you tackle?

Education.  I want everyone to have equal opportunities to continue their education.  It will not be mandatory because college or earning multiple degrees isn’t for everyone but I think it should be a choice that everyone has.  This is totally cliche but Knowledge is power!  The more we know the more we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us.   
Masters Deluxe Hood - Masters Hoods - Masters Products - Faculty11. What’s one thing people wouldn’t realize about you at first glance?

That I’m an over-achiever and have three college degrees (AAS,BS,MBA).  I work in a male dominated world and I absolutely hate the stereotype that since I’m female in a male environment that I’m simply a ditzy secretary.  The hugest pet peeve EVER!  

Your turn! 🙂

Here are my 11 questions for you!  If you choose to answer them…please link your post in a comment so I can read your answers in case I missed the post!

1. What is the one piece of makeup that you always have in your purse or on you at all times?

2. What is your favorite and cheapest makeup product?

3. What is your favorite lip product & color?  Are you a gloss girl, lipstick, balm, etc…

4. What is your favorite place to shop for makeup?

5. Favorite movie or book?

6. Favorite summer drink?

7. What is the best piece of skincare or makeup advice you’ve been given?

8. Do you ever take a day off from wearing makeup?  

9. Perfume or Body Spray?  And what is your go to scent(s)?

10. What’s your favorite type of accessory?

11. Favorite foundation?

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