Pinned it…Tried it… {Wood Scratch Concealer!?}

PicsArt_1389585043097 Hi Lovelies!  Its been a while since I’ve done DIY type of post but as I was cleaning and organizing my sample/product stash to review for you I noticed  some scratches in the door jamb.  I had seen a pinterest pin floating around for a while now where you can use household products to camouflage or conceal wood scratches. First off – with out refinishing the wood – the scratches will still be there, at least using this method.  However, it does help conceal them and allow them to blend in. Continue reading


DIY – Fix Shattered Makeup!


Sunday afternoon my cat was playing in the bathroom and knocked one of my blushes onto the floor.  Well it hit just right and broke into several pieces.  What to do?!  Fix it! Don’t throw it out…yet!  I have tried this previously and thought I’d share with you how I fix it.


  • Blunt ended item to crush powder
  • Plastic sandwich bag
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Toothpick
  • small makeup brushes


  1. Break up the remaining pieces/chunks into a powder.  There are two ways to do this – pick your favorite.  Option 1-Put the compact into a plastic bag and then break up pieces with something.  (I used the bottom of a real techniques expert face brush because its flat.)  Option 2- Wrap plastic around the end of what you’re using to break it up in the compact.  *Both are messy but I liked option 2 better and felt like I did a better job of breaking it up.
  2. Use a small brush or q-tip to brush any product that got out of the pan back into it.
  3. Slowly pour in rubbing alcohol, it will start to absorb and then once its saturated I took a toothpick and mixed it into a thick paste in the pan.
  4. Spread it the best you can into an even layer in the pan.
  5. Start with paper towel (folded a couple times to absorb the excess alcohol) and begin pressing the paste to get out liquid.  This will take several attempts.  (I started with my fingers a few times and then worked up to using the end of my brush to apply more pressure at the end.)  Be patient and go with it!  Keep pressing until your paper towel or napkin comes off with out any makeup and only slightly damp.
  6. Let it dry uncovered for 24 hours before using.

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A few parting thoughts I’ve learned through trial and error.  

  • This may not work on all compacts or formulas of pressed products but in a desperate attempt to save product it could work on any pressed powder (blush, bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow, etc.).  I have had about 50% luck with this – I tried to salvage a clinique blush that shattered and it broke again a few weeks later.  It may be more apt to breaking since I didn’t set it as hard as it was in production.  This time I tried applying more pressure – I’ll post an update if these two blushes break on me.
  • For this post I fixed a clinique blush deluxe sample and a wet n wild full size blush.

Good Luck with fixing your own shattered compacts!  If its try this or toss it out…its definitely worth trying!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!