Weekend Mani ~Gray & Silver


This week’s manicure is featuring a dark color that I love in the fall and another shatter nail in silver. ¬†I’m late jumping on the shatter nail polish band wagon but I am in love with them! ¬†The dark gray color is by L’Oreal in #570 Stroke of Midnight. ¬†I really like the L’Oreal polishes and they last just as long as my OPI polish.


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Walmart Haul & First Impressions!

I recently went on a drugstore makeup spree. ¬†I had a gift card for Walmart, a stack of makeup related coupons I’d been holding on to for a rainy day, so I went a mission to find some new treasures! ¬†While I picked up a few other basic items, I wanted to share with you what I found, and what I’m thinking of these items. (Click an image if you want to see it bigger!)

Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation –

I had a $2 coupon so I got it for less than $5 and figured this is a good time to try this product out. ¬†This is my first experience with a “whipped” style foundation but I have grown to love it. ¬†I use my real techniques expert face brush to apply it and honestly a little goes a long way. ¬†I’ve also noticed that it is buildable if you want to hid some imperfections but as with anything – remember to keep blending and buffing it in otherwise I think it could be easy to get cake-face with this! ¬†I would say its medium coverage for me. ¬†It has a lovely matte finish that feels very light and natural to me. ¬†So far I really like this product!

Covergirl Eye Enhancers Р #222 Drama Eyes & #276 Sugar Coated

I love these fall colors but they swatched a little more sheer than I would have hoped. ¬†The dark colors are fairly pigmented but the lighter shades are fair. ¬†The green from sugar coated which I think I was most excited to try with brown eyes takes a lot to get that color. ¬†However the gold/copper shade was to die for the other day when I wore it to work. ¬†In the drama eyes quad I was most excited to experiment with the cranberry color and honestly, don’t have a black or dark gray shadow so that was a bonus. ¬†I wish the two lighter shades had been something different instead of almost identical but I can deal! ¬†As with most companies and eye shadows, it is always hit and miss. ¬†So far I’m on the fence about these quads. ¬†I think I’ll try the less pigmented shades wet and see if I can find a different use for them.

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Nail Polish in Clearly Spotted

I’ve wanted to try these polishes for a while, but wasn’t sure if I want another glitter style polish. ¬†Its basically glitter but its not shiny so its just various sized black and white pieces in a clear coat. ¬†However – I did get “clearly” spotted. ¬†I don’t know that I would try this as a polish since its so thin and takes a while to build up but love the idea of using it as a top coat. ¬†I feel like it leaves more of a splattered paint look than polka dots though! ¬†See my weekend mani to see the top coat in action!

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your thoughts?

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Weekend Mani ~ Halloween Inspired

PicsArt_1382890797658Hi Lovelies! ¬†This week’s mani is Halloween-ish inspired! ¬†I have to add the “-ish” because I work in a professional environment so have to keep nails semi-subtle. ¬†First I started with Sephora by OPI’s Seriously Its a Naan-Issue which to me is a beautiful, dark, blue toned purple. ¬†In darker light it can come off as black but to me its not quite as harsh as black but still makes a statement.

Next I couldn’t decide which accent I wanted so I picked two! ¬†First I used the same sliver shatter/crackle top coat as last week and then I chose Maybelline’s Color Show Polka Dots Polish in Clearly Spotted – I loved playing with this so much that instead of using it as an accent nail, I used it on all of my nails! ¬†Its very fun and different than anything I’ve done before. ¬†I love it! ūüôā
I hope you have a wonderful Halloween week!

Weekend Mani


Hi Lovelies! ¬†I’m sorry this post is behind, I spent the weekend working and then was sick but I’m back and on the mend! ¬†I did manage to get my nails done before I took family pictures on Sunday and wanted to share one of my favorite fall colors. ¬†You might have figured out by now that I love dark and bold polishes but also love red polishes. ¬†This week’s mani features Sephora by OPI (I stocked up when they were on clearance!) in Ruby Without a Cause (opaque chrome wine-burgundy with two tone effect) which is still available if you want to order your own! ¬†This is slightly misleading because its a duo-chrome with gold/olive green in it and in the bottle but applied I’m mainly seeing the ruby. ¬†Maybe next time I’ll try to mix it up better. ¬†On my accent nail I’m using a silver shatter polish that I had but never tried before. ¬†I thought it was fun to mix it up for a change. ¬†*Please ignore the chips, I took this picture yesterday so it was 3 days into the mani and I didn’t coat my tips like I normally do!*

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Fall Nails ~ Brown & Gold w/ Silver Glitter


My weekend mani suffered a set back yesterday (Monday) my pointer finger nail had a couple of big chips in it. ¬†It was driving me crazy. ¬†Instead of re-doing that nail or taking off all of my other nails that were still fine, I decided to do an accent nail. ¬†While organizing my nail polish stash over the weekend – I found this gold color that I’ve never used before and liked the idea of how it would pair with the dark brown. ¬†Then added the silver chunky glitter top coat for a little extra sparkle!


Here’s what I used:

  • Brown: Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in #08 Glossy
  • Gold: L’Oreal #580 – because you’re worth it
  • Silver Glitter: Sephora by OPI Jewlery Top Coat in Flurry Up

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Weekend Mani ~ Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine


This weekend’s mani is staying with last weekend’s dark and vampy trend! ¬†I forgot I had this color until I was re-organizing my polishes yesterday and stumbled upon this one! ¬†This comes off in pictures as black but in person and in the light its a deep brown with burgundy shimmer in it. ¬†It is stunning in the light and I wish it would have photographed better for you! ¬†I can only find that is color #08 – Glossy. ¬†I am loving these dark colors for fall and Halloween time.


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