Earring Organization for less than $5!!!


Does your earring collection look like this?!  Sometimes, after a while of looking at this pile or trying to root through it to find a pair of studs, I hear myself saying, “enough already!”  This pile usually accumulates after traveling where I pick out 10 more pairs of earrings than I actually need – “just in case I change my mind” and dump them out on Monday morning looking for something that was in my travel roll.

Note:  I love jewelry!  But I also love inexpensive jewelry that I can wear daily and not worry about it getting lost, broken, tarnished, etc.  I do have some nicer pieces that live in my jewelry box but for the most part I want to see what jewelry I have and wear it on a daily basis.  I should point out that I don’t have kids, I think this could be a nightmare if you have little ones or bigger ones that like to wear your jewelry! 🙂

Now – On to my nifty organization idea with the help of my assistant Ellie!! A ribbon organizer.  I know this picture isn’t the best but I made it long enough that it’s hard to take a picture of!  (See below for more detailed images.)  I got this idea after playing around online pp (pre-pinterest!) and saw people selling similar concepts with ribbon tied to hangers, or screens, or using ribbons to organize hair bows so I thought why not use that idea for my earrings?!

I bought a spool of pink satin ribbon that is 1″ wide.  I just chose a soft color that wouldn’t compete with the jewelry and well I have a weakness for pink!

I organized all of my earrings and started placing them down the ribbon.  My collection has grown since then but you get the idea! 🙂

It works quite well and I’ve been using this for a few years and couldn’t be happier!  What do you use to organize your jewelry?  I’d love to hear how others tackle this issue!

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Semi-Organized Idea! Upcycling Candle jars!


What do we do with the numerous candle jars and glasses?  I love candles, (see post from Bath & Body Works Candle Haul) but I wasn’t really sure what to do with all of the nice containers that they come in.  Do you recycle them?  Just throw them away?! (NO!)  I started to sort of stock pile them in an empty cabinet waiting for my “aha!” moment.  A couple months ago I saw a vlog where one of my favorite bloggers Kristen Gehm was cleaning out the bath and body works containers to use as storage.  My immediate thought was DUH!?! They are a really nice size for helping keep things organized.   Check out some of my favorite uses so far.

1) Office Storage!  I bought these pink binder clips and colored paperclips on sale at Staples a couple years ago but I was just storing them in the plastic bags that they originally came in.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That seemed silly and not very attractive.  They were a pain to fish out and the plastic was tearing around the top.  I took them and put them in their own containers from bath and body works, a 3-wick candle and a mini candle.  The other jar is a Swan Creek candle that I received as a gift – smelled like Ah-mazing cinnamon rolls that almost made you drool!  This one I store some random items from my desk in.  A measuring tape, super glue, and some label tape.  These jars sit on my desk and while its still cluttered…that section of my desk looks a little bit tidier! 🙂

2) Bathroom Storage!  I have two small containers of pony tail holders & bobby pins and another glass with my favorite flossers that fit perfectly in my medicine cabinet!  I have another to corral my lip products.  One that keeps my makeup brushes organized, and another that holds cotton rounds that I use for everything from nail polish remover to eye makeup remover and toner!