GL Gets Fit #167 {busy nights}

Top 50 best Inspirational quotes that every girl should know #girls #motivationalHi Loves!

Last week was another busy one where I only got two yoga practices in.  Wednesday and Monday.  Both were harder for me.  I focused on longer sessions at 37 & 45 minutes that were slower paced but had deeper movements and stretches.

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Frugal Friday – No Spendtember Update

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.

Hi Loves!  So since September ends tomorrow – I wanted to check in with a No-Spendtember Update.  I didn’t make it.

I did sort of set myself up to fail a tiny bit.  I had previously planned a girls afternoon with two of my best college friends at a winery.  After a brief tasting and lunch… I ended up buying 2 bottles of wine for the holidays. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #164 {what about work?}

Happy Monday! Stay Humble. Work Hard. Be Kind. Inspirational Art by Pretty Chic SFHi Loves!  This post is a little different.  The last couple of weeks I’ve been working more and more with my part time job.  However – I haven’t had a weekend off in over a month.  How do you balance work and life with more than one job?

You might notice that in September I was going to do no-spendtember.  A no buy month in September.  Well… I fell into a tiny rabbits hole.  (More on that Friday!… shameless plug…)  Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #163 {boats y’all}

If you're looking for health inspiration, funny quotes, and great fitness tips, Get Healthy U is the place for you!Happy Tuesday Loves!

The past week was nuts for me, so I only got 2 yoga practices in. 😦  I’m just going to keep moving forward tho.  Progress is progress – no matter how fast or slow it takes you to do something.

I’ve been working on getting back into my yoga groove for about a month and a half now.  I’m back to actually “craving” my time on the mat.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I really drag my feet to do it.  But then I always feel amazing and centered after.   Continue reading