GL Gets Fit #202 {Hiking & Life Changes}

Go and explore.Happy Tuesday Loves!

I just got back from a mini-vacation that had me hiking around the black hills in South Dakota, and part of western Nebraska – and I LOVED IT!  I should clarify they were a few 1-mile or less hikes.  Lets not get crazy here, although I read about a 4 hour hike that I would like to add to a future trip.

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GL Gets Fit #201 {stress & yoga}

Running releases so much more than stress! #thesweatlife #runningquotes #runspiraitonHi Loves!

I’d have to start off this post by saying this is the year of adulting for me!  Just making bigger life decisions that I feel are sort of “adult” things to do.  You know like insurance, retirement, benefits, boring adult stuff that will sort of set the course for your future.  Also having a slew of tests ran this spring to make sure that I’m taking care of myself inside and out.

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GL Gets Fit #200 {just do it}

Be stronger than your excuse. | hunger control, healthy eating motivation, help with cravings, prevent diet cheating, stop emotional eating

Hi Loves!

I have crossed into week 10 of DDP Yoga and whew… its still a challenge.  Which – lets be honest, I knew it would be!

Last night was a challenge. I got home from work and was just fried.  I had to put together an outfit for Wednesday, and then a webinar, and before I knew it, it was after 8.  Typically I like to work out right when I walk in the door and get it out of the way.

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GL Gets Fit #197 {patience}

I am so "instant gratification" and it ruins everything lol...Hi Loves!

If you know me at all, you know patience is not something that I possess.  I wish I did!  What little I have is very limited! 🙂

Yesterday I jumped into week 8 of DDP Yoga.  Although due to things going on I have missed Friday workouts for the past 3 weeks.  So I’ve only been getting in 2 of the three workouts.

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GL Gets Fit #196 {Week 7!}

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Hi Loves!

I have crossed over into week 7 of DDPY and since its a 13 week program, I’m on the down hill side of it!  This past week was a hard one for me.  I caved to sweets really bad at the end of the week and my allergies have been horrible making me feel like a sneezing zombie!  😀  But I’m not giving in.  In seven weeks, I’ve missed two workouts.  One because I was out of town and unable to make it up, and the other, I was exhausted and needed rest.

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