GL Gets Fit #194 {eating better?!}

14 Health Motivation Quotes To Inspire Healthy Eating

Hi Loves!

I have officially crossed into week 5 of my yoga program! I wrapped up week 4 on Friday!  Its wonderful knowing that I’ve been staying on track with this program, however eating better has been my challenge.

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GL Gets Fit #193 {week 3 complete}

Fitness Motivational Posters - Boost Your Motivation Through The Roof #fitnessmotivation

Hi Loves!

I did it!  I’ve now crossed into week 4 of DDP Yoga and haven’t missed a workout yet.  It is only three days a week at the moment but life has been making me want to skip a day here and there!

In looking at my schedule, I get to add a new workout into the mix on Friday night.  That sounds like it could be a rough one but I’m ready to try it and see whats in store!

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GL Gets Fit #191 {3 for 3}

"Sore today. Strong tomorrow."Happy Tuesday Loves!

Last week I started the real appeal workout journey.  I was to do 4 days of working out – but the 4th day was Saturday and I was out of town, so I did skip it.  However, I did three of them on schedule.

It was really great and I got my sweat on.  I also liked the HIIT style they have.  However, this week I’m starting a new program.  (I know… I just started one!)

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GL Gets Fit #190 {down but not out}




Happy Tuesday Loves!

Last week took a pretty fast nose dive after my post went up.  A scratchy throat turned into a terrible sore throat.  That turned into losing my voice.  That morphed into the flu the next day.  I hate sick days – we’ve discussed this.  But nearly getting sick in the work bathroom, is my breaking point! I threw in the towel and went home. Continue reading