GL Gets Fit #149 {only 2 more weeks}

Hi Loves!  I’ve mentioned before but the month of June, well starting Memorial Day weekend actually has been and continues to be non-stop craziness.

The major event that I’ve been planning since last fall is next weekend and I just keep telling myself, I only need to make it two more weeks!  The finishing touches are coming together but until the weekend event starts, I feel like I’ll be running like a crazy lady!

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Frugal Friday – No Buy June!

Hey Everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a Frugal Friday.  I’ve determined starting this week – the remainder of June is a NO BUY. I had to buy a shower gift on Monday otherwise it would have started sooner!

I need to get things back on track for some summer expenses.  As a reminder – no buy months only allow for me to spend money on gas and groceries.  Nothing else. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #147 {steady}

Hi Loves!

Last week I wanted to work out 4 days. Mon-Thursday.  I did 2 days of yoga and 2 days of walking.  I am feeling better and after a crazy busy weekend that was exhausting.  I’m planning on keeping up the momentum.  Either yoga tonight after work or walking.

I also started tracking my meals last week.  Keeping a journal of some sort over what you’re putting in your body is really helpful.  It helps me realize what I’m doing that is good…and bad for my body.

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