GL Gets Fit #173 {peace}

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Hi Loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was full of laughter, rest, good food, and peace.  I thought this quote was good for the week.  Things change so very fast, right this second, look around.  Take stock of what you have, who you have, where you’re going.   November 28, 2018 will most likely be a bit different. Continue reading


GL Gets Fit #171 {small progress}

8 Week Body Weight Makeover Program - A little progress each day adds up! No Equipment Needed. Get started today! #bodyweightworkouts #workouts #fitnessprogram

Hi Loves!  Today’s post is about progress.  While I didn’t get all my workouts in that I wanted to, I still did my weekly weigh in, and this week its also time to measure up and see what’s happened in the last month.

So lets start with the low points of the week.  I’m still struggling a bit with balancing two jobs and volunteering.  Truth is – I love money! I know that could make me a horrible person, but its really hard to turn down work some days.  I struggle with every call to say “no” to some things.  But I did say NO last week, yay me!

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Frugal Friday {52 week money challenge}

 Hi Loves!

Its time for a Frugal Friday post – and a challenge I’m starting.  No buy months are hit and miss for me.  I try to focus on no-buy days.  Can you go a day without buying anything?  For some of us its much harder than others.

I’m not going to lie, it can be a struggle for me.  One of my favorite money bloggers mentioned something last week that made a lot of sense to me. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #169 {Happy Halloween}

Did We Scare You?Happy Halloween Loves!

My younger self – would totally loved this picture.  Heck, I still love it!  🙂  I’m a sucker for kitties. (Well any animals really – except reptiles and insects!)

So this past week was interesting.  Once I got my body back on track I came down with a cold.  The kind of cold that leaves you feeling like a truck ran you over, then backed up, and ran you over again just to make sure you were down!  I was chilled, fighting a low grade fever, sneezing non-stop, sore throat… the works.  Sounds like everyone I work with is getting a version of this crap.

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GL Gets Fit #168 {rest required}

The struggle to rest is real. It IS my truth at the moment. My body needs a rest. But that part of my soul, she with such strength...Hi Loves!

Buckle in, its about to get real for a moment or two.  The last two weeks have been a roller coaster for my body.  Essentially I’ve struggled with pms since I was a teen.  Mood swings that leave me in a puddle of tears, or anger that has me on the edge of physical violence.  Cramps that can make me want to throw up or spend the entire week in bed.  Throw in a healthy mix of back pain and exhaustion and that was me. Continue reading