GL Gets Fit #136 {soul}

Beauty Is Only Skin It's What's Inside That Truly MattersHi Loves – this past week has been a roller coaster.  The highs, the lows, and the WTF moments have left me speechless.

This past week I untangled a couple messes regarding last week’s post but also was just handed another.  Do you remember going to your jewelry box to grab your favorite necklace and its a huge knot with 12 other necklaces?  That’s what I feel like I was handed.  The analytical side of me wants to diligently work the knot until all the parts are untangled and put away nicely.  The logical side says that will take a lot of time and patience that I do not have!

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GL Gets Fit #134 {stressed}

Best 45 Quotes For Stress Relief | Quotations and Quotes: Hi Loves!  Ok so this past week has been craziness and I’m pretty sure I have a sinus infection. Or at least sinus pressure that has been causing a headache by my eye for at least the past 5 days.  It comes and goes but never really dies!

I had great intentions a week ago, and then it started to fall apart!  Feeling crummy and tired tends to trump all things regardless of their importance!

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GL Gets Fit #133 {balance}

great quote: rest instead of quite                                                                                                                                                                                 More: Hi loves! After last week’s post I was in a fantastic mood from spending a couple late nights with some of my best friends.  This week, I’m dragging.

I worked late every night last week to take Friday afternoon off for a doctor’s appointment.  It was just a physical but for the most part, that went really well.  Then I worked about 8 hours Saturday and Sunday I was lazy. Continue reading