GL Gets Fit #144 {Angry Thighs!!!}

And not the other way around : Hi Loves!  So there is good news and bad news this week.  Which should I share first?  I’m going to share the bad news first.  It’s been a stressful weekend.  Stress = eating.  I was craving chocolate a lot this weekend and I ate some.  And… I gained just shy of 2 pounds. 😦   I think that is one area that yoga helped me with.  Controlling my stress and being able to check it at the yoga mat and put it past me.  I haven’t been able to do that for a couple months. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #142 {a gain}

You Daily Health and Fitness Motivation provided by @fitpossibledailypush . Make sure you REPIN if you like seeing these quick quotes. This will help spread inspiration and motivation to more people searching! Hi Loves!  This past week was another busy one for me.  I’m looking forward to having evenings to myself in a couple weeks.  I knew I’d have a busy spring, so I’m just taking things day by day.

Like usual, I didn’t really work out.  I got some steps in, but I had a girls day and had some wine and delicious food.  Girls days are really great to just hit the pause button on life for a bit and reconnect. Continue reading

Frugal Friday {cash}

Dave Ramsey. I need to give myself a weekly cash budget. If I don't have any more, no fun for me.Hi Loves!  It’s time for a Frugal Friday post. I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  I’ve found some great personal finance books that I might be reviewing soon for you.  I’m not sure since they’ve been out for a while if another review really needs to be written.  Maybe instead… some thoughts on them.

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GL Gets Fit #139 {steps}

 : Hi Loves, this week I’ve been focusing on just getting a few more steps in every day.  I’m still not always making the best food choices but I’m attempting to walk more.

I mentioned last week that I’m working on a challenge.  Well its about steps.  I started over last week because I got off track and distracted.  So far… I’m on track to complete it.  Once done, I’ll let you know all about it!

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