GL Gets Fit #179 {determination}

This pretty much sums up my 2009-2016 but sometimes you have to do what has to be done. #TransparenTEEblogs #inspiregrowloveHi Loves!

First and foremost, I have done yoga every day so far in January!!!  (This is a huge feat for me, usually something comes up that will derail me.)  I set an intention to just roll with things and let them be.   Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #178 {true}

2018 just believe that good things are on their way. via (

Happy 2018!

I don’t believe in resolutions.  They never work for me.  So I set an intention.  This year’s intention is based off a song that I am currently loving.  It’s called “Meant to be” – Bebe Rexha & FGL.  (Click the title to listen – you might like it!)

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GL Gets Fit #28 {a break}

"enough sleep is just as important for good health as nutrition and exercise"Hi Loves!  Last week after coming off traveling, the end of the cold that wouldn’t got away and a concert late Thursday night,  I only got one day of exercise in.  I’m a little mad at myself since I was able to do 6 weeks of 90 minutes of exercise but I was seriously dragging.  With that – I slacked off and made last week a recovery week.  I feel that if your body is dragging that much and you’re nearly falling asleep at work or taking a cat-naps over lunch – its time for rest!  So I did. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #27

Fitness motivation! Check out our workouts that WORK! Loves!  In the past week I have finally completed my 30 days of Yoga challenge with Adriene!  My cold from a couple weeks ago is still trying to hang on – but its not as bad so I was able to finish and did two days at a time to get it completed.

I was traveling the end of the week to a conference so didn’t get to work out as much as I wanted but I was able to carry on my streak of 5 consecutive weeks of at least 90 minutes of exercise!  That might not sound like much – but I had nearly 900 minutes of exercise in January which is almost 15 Hours!  Continue reading

GL Gets fit #26 {I’m back!!}

How To Save a LifeHappy February Loves!!  While I should be celebrating the completion of my 30 days of yoga – last week’s head cold from hell really set me back.  I took a full week off so picked up day 21 on Thursday.  On the plus side – both Saturday and Sunday I did two days to get me a little closer to finishing my 30 “sessions”.  I will finish 30 days of yoga with Adriene this week.  Its a little bittersweet to be completing this.  We’ve formed a wonderful and supportive kula (support group) on facebook exclusive to members of the challenge. It’s been encouraging for me to read about other members who have my level of experience getting support or help from experienced yoga friends who want to see us succeed.  Its been such a blessing to be part of something so simple and supportive. Continue reading