GL Gets Fit #156 {ready to start}

Everyone hits a plateau with it comes to working out. Let us motivate you to keep going.

Hi Loves, finally a more positive post.  After a couple weeks of focusing on self-care and getting to the root of  my issues, I think I’m ready to get up and do some sort of exercise.  I’m not going to jinx it but this week I want to just work out 3 times.  It could be yoga, walking, dancing.. who knows.  But 3 is my goal.  I’ll let you know next week how that goes!

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GL Gets Fit #155 {anxiety}

19 Inspirational Quotes For When Anxiety Feels Overwhelming | YourTango

Hi Loves,

After last week’s post about being anxious and having a meltdown, I realize some times you have to hit rock bottom to realize, you can stay there or go back up.  I’m trying to come back up.  I don’t want to stay there.

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GL Gets Fit #27

Fitness motivation! Check out our workouts that WORK! Loves!  In the past week I have finally completed my 30 days of Yoga challenge with Adriene!  My cold from a couple weeks ago is still trying to hang on – but its not as bad so I was able to finish and did two days at a time to get it completed.

I was traveling the end of the week to a conference so didn’t get to work out as much as I wanted but I was able to carry on my streak of 5 consecutive weeks of at least 90 minutes of exercise!  That might not sound like much – but I had nearly 900 minutes of exercise in January which is almost 15 Hours!  Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #24 {emotions}

HWhere there is anger, there is always pain underneath.  Anger is a secondary emotion- look for the primary one to understand more about what you need.i Loves! I have a more serious post to share with you this week.  Since December and starting down this yoga journey I’ve read how people can experience emotions during a practice.  In my 30 Days of Yoga Kula group on facebook I’ve read how other members are posting about finding themselves in tears or frustrated but  I never understood – until it happened this past week.  I’ve experienced pushing myself past my limits and tapping into new energy when working out for longer periods of time but that was usually in the gym on a treadmill or elliptical.  Never in something like yoga. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #22 {6 months later & Hovering Cats?!}

Your only competition should be the person you were yesterday. #fitness #motivation from Tone-and-Tighten.comHi Loves!  You know I’ve been on a yoga kick for December.  In mid-December the yoga teacher I’ve been following on Youtube – Yoga With Adriene, announced a 30 day challenge on her site.  For 30 days she’s posting a new video to try.  It started on Jan 2 and goes thru Jan 31.  The videos I’ve done so far range from 25-40 minutes.  They are simple and basic (so far) but also challenging enough for more seasoned yoga fans. Continue reading