Frugal Friday – Do you budget?!

benjamin franklin quote | bring joyHi Loves!  So the word budget is hit and miss.  Some people love the idea, while the word makes others cringe.  Plus – creating and following a budget can seem like a very complicated and daunting task.  But really… its only as difficult as you make it.

Maybe I’m biased since I work in accounting as a profession, but its not really that difficult.  It does however take a bit of time. Continue reading

Frugal Fridays {NO Spendtember update}

Put the emphasis in your life on faith, family, and health. ~Dave Ramsey: Hey Loves!  We are half through NO Spendtember!! I thought I’d share an update on how things were going.  I’m doing pretty good but its hard at times.

So – OMG – the challenge is real y’all!  I am so tempted every day by emails about sales.  I’ve gone to just deleting them, I don’t even open them.  The temptation is so hard for me but so far – no online purchases for myself/personal use. Continue reading

Frugal Friday ~ Introducing NBN {No Buy November!}

Its time to take on another no buy month!  I really like these and its time, I have been shopping with coupons and discounts but have been making silly purchases that aren’t necessary.  Here  my friends are the rules if you’d like to join the party.

  1. No Buy November lasts until November 28.  I’m not going to lie, I like a good deal like everyone else and I will be checking out the post-Thanksgiving Day Sales.  I don’t go out to stores because I hate crazy crowds but I’ll be hanging out on my computer randomly over the holiday searching for cool gifts at fantastic prices!
  2. Allowed to buy: Food & Gas. Food because we have to survive, can gas because we have to be able to drive to work!  I’m not lucky enough to have public transportation otherwise I might try it!
  3. Post with updates.  No buy’s are by far the most challenging task I’ve ever faced.  Its much harder than I ever imagined it would be.  It’s so easy to read the daily sales emails from stores and feel compelled to shop.  What’s harder is not hitting the “buy” button!  My trick has been to avoid temptation as much as possible.  For example…I just delete the emails instead of even opening them.
  4. Holiday Parties are exempt.  I know its time for the standard work, friends, and family holiday gatherings.  If you have Christmas in November, then this is okay to “shop” as long as you try to keep spending under control!
  5. Have fun.  Instead of shopping online, I’ve picked up on more freelance work that keeps me “online” but I’m working and making money instead of spending it.  Instead of shopping with the girls, go out for a drink, coffee, or desert at a fun restaurant.  You might pay a little more than normal for the piece of chocolate cake or a latte but in the end it will more than likely be less than you’d spend shopping at the mall!

I hope you have a wonderful November and if you want to join me on the journey let me know!  We can link up our posts and keep each other going!

Thank you for stopping by Gracious Luck and have a fantastic weekend!  🙂

Save It September!

Since No Buy July seemed to be a hit for me – financially anyways – I’m going to do something new – SAVE IT SEPTEMBER! 🙂  Since my no buy I have felt liberated from my shopping tendencies…and I could be borderline shopaholic?!   In August when I used birthday money to buy a few things – I felt awful, and had my mom’s voice echoing in my head.  “Do you really need that?!” -or-  “Are you sure that’s what you want to spend your money on?!”

Point taken Mom! (It only took me 30 years to catch on!)  – I realized I have a ton of stuff already.  Its my goal to keep working through products I have and find ways to revitalize my wardrobe without buying.   (I’m going to try anyways!)  Fall ushers in cooler weather and I have a stock pile of sweaters that are itching to come out of summer hiding, and a ton of accessories.  I’m going back to buying only necessities like groceries, household supplies, and gas.

*First Confession…I did splurge and spent $13.00 on a bottle of Apple Wine but that was on August 31, 2013…and then I was thinking after – do I really want it?!  I was at a winery, enjoying a sampling, and felt compelled to purchase since they offered samples.  BTW…a wine weekends post is coming this week!  I visited 2 wineries in 2 weekends – stay tuned for my reviews of a few new wines.

Join me on the Save It September journey – I’m going to be sharing some new ideas with you and see if I can discover ways to shop what I already have and still come out on top!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today – are there any posts you’d like to see?  Do you ever get buyers remorse?  Even if its only for a $13 bottle of wine?!