GL Gets Fit #147 {steady}

Hi Loves!

Last week I wanted to work out 4 days. Mon-Thursday.  I did 2 days of yoga and 2 days of walking.  I am feeling better and after a crazy busy weekend that was exhausting.  I’m planning on keeping up the momentum.  Either yoga tonight after work or walking.

I also started tracking my meals last week.  Keeping a journal of some sort over what you’re putting in your body is really helpful.  It helps me realize what I’m doing that is good…and bad for my body.

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GL Gets Fit #144 {Angry Thighs!!!}

And not the other way around : Hi Loves!  So there is good news and bad news this week.  Which should I share first?  I’m going to share the bad news first.  It’s been a stressful weekend.  Stress = eating.  I was craving chocolate a lot this weekend and I ate some.  And… I gained just shy of 2 pounds. 😦   I think that is one area that yoga helped me with.  Controlling my stress and being able to check it at the yoga mat and put it past me.  I haven’t been able to do that for a couple months. Continue reading