GL Gets Fit #191 {DDPyikes}

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Happy Tuesday Loves!

DDP Yoga is legit.  I’m feeling the burn y’all! Its marketed as “not your mama’s yoga” and that is absolutely true.  I’m used to slower, deeper stretches and poses.  DDP sort of morphs basic yoga moves at a faster almost cardio pace.

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GL Gets Fit #191 {3 for 3}

"Sore today. Strong tomorrow."Happy Tuesday Loves!

Last week I started the real appeal workout journey.  I was to do 4 days of working out – but the 4th day was Saturday and I was out of town, so I did skip it.  However, I did three of them on schedule.

It was really great and I got my sweat on.  I also liked the HIIT style they have.  However, this week I’m starting a new program.  (I know… I just started one!)

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GL Gets Fit #190 {down but not out}




Happy Tuesday Loves!

Last week took a pretty fast nose dive after my post went up.  A scratchy throat turned into a terrible sore throat.  That turned into losing my voice.  That morphed into the flu the next day.  I hate sick days – we’ve discussed this.  But nearly getting sick in the work bathroom, is my breaking point! I threw in the towel and went home. Continue reading