The Good Life ~ Husker Pride!

Welcome to another “Good Life” Linkup!  For my readers – college football is life in Nebraska.  I think everyone is born a Husker fan and you either 1) evolve into a die-hard Husker fan, 2) become a social fan (me!) or 3) decide to root for another team or despise them completely!  I say I’m a social fan, I love the buzz and environment on game day around Memorial Stadium and will watch the games with friends but don’t follow it like my friends, family, and co-workers do!

What I do love – shopping! (Like you didn’t already know that!) *Disclaimer – I do work for the company that owns this store, but was not in any way compensated for sharing the following with you.*  I thought I’d go to a local store that I know carries various unique Husker items (The Final Touch – in Wayne, NE)  and share a few of my favorites with you!   For more information on The Final Touch – click the link to visit their facebook page for product updates or their contact information!

I absolutely adore the following items!  I think my favorite is the jewelry! 🙂  How do you get ready for game day?  Are you a super fan? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for Stopping by Gracious Luck today ~ Have a wonderful day!

This is my final post for The Good Life link up… for now!  I already had this prepared and wanted to share with you a fun post related to shopping & football.  A Big thank you to Kelsey & Suzi for putting this linkup together and I look forward to participating in future posts after the reorganization of the linkup.  Thank you for letting me join the party and to Suzi for encouraging me along the way.  ((Hugs))