Weekend Manis! ~ Sephora by OPI & A special guest!


This weekends mani’s (yep two!) feature me and my 90 year old grandma who we all fondly refer to as “Granny” – when I go to my mom’s house for the weekend (every few weeks since she lives a couple hours away) I get to do my Granny’s nails.  Its something that started several years ago and we’ve kept it up.  It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are – getting your nails done in a pretty color – can make you feel better!

I experimented this week and tried a super light color for a change and used,  Sephora by OPI’s Violet’s Just Get Married.  Granny had other choices but she decided we should be twins! 🙂  Its not my normal choice of bright or bold but I do like it for a change.  However, I’m not sure how long I’ll last before I cave and go back to the bright & bold side!  In sunlight its a silvery violet but sephora describes it as sheer metallic smoky amethyst.  Its really pretty in the sunlight but for my picture with Granny we were in the shade so it looks more brown with the flash!

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Weekend Mani – Using Sephora by OPI

IMG_20130713_091350_646This weekends manicure is using another one of my new Sephora by OPI polishes.  This polish is henna-thing is possible.  I absolutely love this color with my fair, cool-toned skin.

I also love the formula of these polishes however my nails do have a few flaws since I got a little impatient waiting for coats to dry! 😦 This is with two coats and it can streak a little if you aren’t careful when applying.  This picture was taken this morning and is on day 3 of my manicure after washing dishes and taking showers it is holding up well!  These polishes continue to impress me with their lasting power and they are still on sale for $4.50!  Here’s the link to this color if you are interested {click here}.

Sephora describes this color as opaque metallic fuchsia but I feel like I’m seeing more red in this than blue tones that go with some pink colors.


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Weekend DIY Mani – Using Sephora by OPI


IMG_20130707_113700_371Weekend Mani Time!!!  I love doing my nails and am fairly fortunate that I’m able to grow them or keep them short.  This weekend’s mani features two of my new polishes from Sephora’s half off sale!  I think summer is the perfect time of year to play around with colors that you wouldn’t normally wear.  I think this color could also be pretty in fall and winter as well.

1-Teal We Meet Again

2-Accent Nail (base of teal we meet again) ombre style with I’m So Sari


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