This Week’s Mani { Julep ~ Nellie }


This week’s manicure is a bright and happy pink to get me through a bitterly cold week.  Julep describes this as: Pink fuschia crème.  I used it as an add on with another purchase and picked it up for $3.99 with free shipping.

I also topped it with the Julep Freedom Top Coat – which is amazing to me!  It leaves such a bright, shiny, and almost gel like finish.

At the end of the week there was some tip-wear but nothing more than any other polish I wear. Continue reading

Weekend Mani ~ Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine


This weekend’s mani is staying with last weekend’s dark and vampy trend!  I forgot I had this color until I was re-organizing my polishes yesterday and stumbled upon this one!  This comes off in pictures as black but in person and in the light its a deep brown with burgundy shimmer in it.  It is stunning in the light and I wish it would have photographed better for you!  I can only find that is color #08 – Glossy.  I am loving these dark colors for fall and Halloween time.


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Weekend Mani ~ Pure Ice -Touch Me Softly (velvet)

IMG_20130929_152824_092This weekend I was looking through my nail polish collection and wanted something different!  This is something I picked up last year at Walmart.  I have a fair success with this brand, some work better than others but when they are a couple dollars I figure I don’t have anything to lose!

This has a matte finish and I think it was part of a line that was a velvet finish. I love that it drives super fast but it has chipped on the edged a couple times with a good base coat.

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*UPDATE* Sad day…this started chipping by that night and after trying to salvage the tips it progressively got worse and by Monday night at least 4 of my nails were over half chipped off.  I used Orly rubberized base coat – I’ not sure if that is the culprit or if it was a lack of top coat since it’s matte.  Either way – by my lunch break on Tuesday I had to take the remaining off.  I can’t stand overly chipped nails!!   Not impressed but stunning for a one day nail! 

Weekend Manis! ~ Sephora by OPI & A special guest!


This weekends mani’s (yep two!) feature me and my 90 year old grandma who we all fondly refer to as “Granny” – when I go to my mom’s house for the weekend (every few weeks since she lives a couple hours away) I get to do my Granny’s nails.  Its something that started several years ago and we’ve kept it up.  It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are – getting your nails done in a pretty color – can make you feel better!

I experimented this week and tried a super light color for a change and used,  Sephora by OPI’s Violet’s Just Get Married.  Granny had other choices but she decided we should be twins! 🙂  Its not my normal choice of bright or bold but I do like it for a change.  However, I’m not sure how long I’ll last before I cave and go back to the bright & bold side!  In sunlight its a silvery violet but sephora describes it as sheer metallic smoky amethyst.  Its really pretty in the sunlight but for my picture with Granny we were in the shade so it looks more brown with the flash!

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Pinned it…Tried it…{stained finger nails}

PicsArt_1375570158357My weekend mani’s have finally caught up with me!  Today as I was taking off last weekend’s red I noticed that it left fairly bright staining behind on my nails where it hadn’t already chipped off.

I had pinned or read some place about using whitening toothpaste to get the stains off of your nails.  However going back to my boards I couldn’t find the pin! 😦  So I decided to conduct my own experiment and it sort of works!

What You Need:

  • old toothbrush
  • whitening toothpaste
  • water


  1. Start by removing as much of the nail polish as you can with nail polish remover.
  2. Next take a small amount (half a pea sized) of toothpaste on an old toothbrush and start working it into your nail bed.
  3. I spent about a minute or two “scrubbing” each nail.
  4. Then I wiped the nail clean and since it was still stained I spread a thin amount of toothpaste onto the nail bed and let it sit.
  5. After “scrubbing” all of the nails – I came back to the nails with a layer of toothpaste and scrubbed those one more time.
  6. Turns out it did lighten the stains!

Parting thoughts: I give this a { B }

It did not remove all of the stains and I was getting tired of scrubbing so maybe it would have worked if I kept going.  This did however lighten the stain and I think it’d work if you had to change your polish to a lighter color or needed bare nails or clear coated nails for something I would definitely try it.  I had also read while looking for the original pin that some people had luck with just scrubbing the nails with hydrogen peroxide – I might try that next time.

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Weekend Mani – Using Sephora by OPI

IMG_20130713_091350_646This weekends manicure is using another one of my new Sephora by OPI polishes.  This polish is henna-thing is possible.  I absolutely love this color with my fair, cool-toned skin.

I also love the formula of these polishes however my nails do have a few flaws since I got a little impatient waiting for coats to dry! 😦 This is with two coats and it can streak a little if you aren’t careful when applying.  This picture was taken this morning and is on day 3 of my manicure after washing dishes and taking showers it is holding up well!  These polishes continue to impress me with their lasting power and they are still on sale for $4.50!  Here’s the link to this color if you are interested {click here}.

Sephora describes this color as opaque metallic fuchsia but I feel like I’m seeing more red in this than blue tones that go with some pink colors.


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