This Week’s Mani { Julep ~ Nellie }


This week’s manicure is a bright and happy pink to get me through a bitterly cold week.  Julep describes this as: Pink fuschia crème.  I used it as an add on with another purchase and picked it up for $3.99 with free shipping.

I also topped it with the Julep Freedom Top Coat – which is amazing to me!  It leaves such a bright, shiny, and almost gel like finish.

At the end of the week there was some tip-wear but nothing more than any other polish I wear. Continue reading

New Years Manicure! Julep Michelle


I’ve never gotten into subscription boxes but was tempted for the last time by Julep.  I finally caved on the free box offer and just paid $3.99 for two polishes and their mighty nail & cuticle serum.  This is the first one I’m trying out (3295-Michelle).  It is a creme formula in Navy.  I couldn’t believe how easy and smooth it was to apply and this is only one coat!!!   I haven’t decided if I’ll keep or cancel this subscription yet – I don’t normally buy nail polish every month and already have a box full that I use or attempt to use!  Right now – I’m leaning towards cancelling the subscription. Continue reading

Weekend Mani


Hi Lovelies!  I’m sorry this post is behind, I spent the weekend working and then was sick but I’m back and on the mend!  I did manage to get my nails done before I took family pictures on Sunday and wanted to share one of my favorite fall colors.  You might have figured out by now that I love dark and bold polishes but also love red polishes.  This week’s mani features Sephora by OPI (I stocked up when they were on clearance!) in Ruby Without a Cause (opaque chrome wine-burgundy with two tone effect) which is still available if you want to order your own!  This is slightly misleading because its a duo-chrome with gold/olive green in it and in the bottle but applied I’m mainly seeing the ruby.  Maybe next time I’ll try to mix it up better.  On my accent nail I’m using a silver shatter polish that I had but never tried before.  I thought it was fun to mix it up for a change.  *Please ignore the chips, I took this picture yesterday so it was 3 days into the mani and I didn’t coat my tips like I normally do!*

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Fall Nails ~ Brown & Gold w/ Silver Glitter


My weekend mani suffered a set back yesterday (Monday) my pointer finger nail had a couple of big chips in it.  It was driving me crazy.  Instead of re-doing that nail or taking off all of my other nails that were still fine, I decided to do an accent nail.  While organizing my nail polish stash over the weekend – I found this gold color that I’ve never used before and liked the idea of how it would pair with the dark brown.  Then added the silver chunky glitter top coat for a little extra sparkle!


Here’s what I used:

  • Brown: Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in #08 Glossy
  • Gold: L’Oreal #580 – because you’re worth it
  • Silver Glitter: Sephora by OPI Jewlery Top Coat in Flurry Up

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Weekend Mani ~ Orly Mysterious Curse

IMG_20131006_140157_026I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!  It is cold and dreary here today so I picked a dark blue/purple duo-chrome polish from Orly.  It really depends on the light as to which colors you see but most of the time I see a dark blue.

Here is the color description from Orly:

Enjoy Mysterious Curse from Orly’s Dark Shadows Collection inspired by the movie Dark Shadows. This color is a rich dark purple with touches of blue highlights that will give your nails a definite edge and leave your nails a gorgeous mystery.

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Weekend Mani ~ Pure Ice -Touch Me Softly (velvet)

IMG_20130929_152824_092This weekend I was looking through my nail polish collection and wanted something different!  This is something I picked up last year at Walmart.  I have a fair success with this brand, some work better than others but when they are a couple dollars I figure I don’t have anything to lose!

This has a matte finish and I think it was part of a line that was a velvet finish. I love that it drives super fast but it has chipped on the edged a couple times with a good base coat.

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*UPDATE* Sad day…this started chipping by that night and after trying to salvage the tips it progressively got worse and by Monday night at least 4 of my nails were over half chipped off.  I used Orly rubberized base coat – I’ not sure if that is the culprit or if it was a lack of top coat since it’s matte.  Either way – by my lunch break on Tuesday I had to take the remaining off.  I can’t stand overly chipped nails!!   Not impressed but stunning for a one day nail! 

Weekend Mani ~ Sephora by OPI ~ Meet for Drinks


Its time for a weekend mani!  I’ve missed doing these because I find doing my nails to be a sort of relaxing process!  I took the past week off because I’m still trying to get rid of a little staining on my nails.  I have been drooling over all of the fall colors I’m seeing in the magazines and online so thought it’s time for my first “fall” mani!  This color is Sephora by OPI’s Meet for Drinks and unfortunately it’s no longer available so I can’t provide you with Sephora’s description.  However I’d say its a vampy dark red with a touch of burgundy to it.  I can’t stop staring at my nails – I saw on instagram after posting that someone used a gold glitter on accent nails and it looked amazing.  I might have to buy some in the future and try that.  I also see that matte nails are coming back so might try that with this color as well.

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