The Good Life ~ Husker Pride!

Welcome to another “Good Life” Linkup!  For my readers – college football is life in Nebraska.  I think everyone is born a Husker fan and you either 1) evolve into a die-hard Husker fan, 2) become a social fan (me!) or 3) decide to root for another team or despise them completely!  I say I’m a social fan, I love the buzz and environment on game day around Memorial Stadium and will watch the games with friends but don’t follow it like my friends, family, and co-workers do!

What I do love – shopping! (Like you didn’t already know that!) *Disclaimer – I do work for the company that owns this store, but was not in any way compensated for sharing the following with you.*  I thought I’d go to a local store that I know carries various unique Husker items (The Final Touch – in Wayne, NE)  and share a few of my favorites with you!   For more information on The Final Touch – click the link to visit their facebook page for product updates or their contact information!

I absolutely adore the following items!  I think my favorite is the jewelry! 🙂  How do you get ready for game day?  Are you a super fan? I’d love to hear from you!

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This is my final post for The Good Life link up… for now!  I already had this prepared and wanted to share with you a fun post related to shopping & football.  A Big thank you to Kelsey & Suzi for putting this linkup together and I look forward to participating in future posts after the reorganization of the linkup.  Thank you for letting me join the party and to Suzi for encouraging me along the way.  ((Hugs))

Good Life Link-Up ~ My Keywords!

Welcome to another – “Good Life Link Up!”  I was excited by this week’s topic since.  We were to search our blogs stats to find out what the most popular keywords were in searches.  I couldn’t believe I had so many listed and the more I read I realized that they are centered around one of my most popular posts!  My blog is still new – less than 3 months old since I re-launched and started blogging on a regular basis.

There are over 70 variations to searching for razor reviews!!!!  Holy cow!  In case you are curious, they linked back to my battle of the razors post {click here} to read it! I originally wrote it in February 2013 but was just blogging very randomly.

What did I take from this week’s experiment?!

I think by checking out our keyword searches we can see what people find interesting.  I have never explored this part of my blog’s stats before and was in awe that so many people were looking for a review on something so simple as a razor!

Where I’m From “The Good Life Link Up”

Sorry this is a few days late!  But I wanted to share a few images of where I’m from!  I live in a small apartment in a small town but I like to go around town and take pretty pictures!  I live in rural America in a small college town with a lot of heart!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  I also dabble in Photography & Design with my business Jen K Design.

Quotable Quotes ~ “The Good Life” Link-Up

Welcome to another day in the Good Life and welcome to my fellow Nebraska Bloggers Stopping by from the link up!

I’ve been looking forward to this post because I LOVE quotes! For as long as I can remember (even as a kid) I’ve had quotes hanging in my bedroom, office space, desk, planner, on my phone (in the pinterest app) and of course a pretty good sized pinterest board {see it here!} dedicated to some of my favorite quotes.   Some are funny, some are honest, and some are thought provoking but every single one on my board is one that I think either leaves me thinking or smiling!

I’ve found quotes get me through just about any difficult moment, from the loss of friends and family, to relationships, or just life in general – there’s a quote for it!  Since I can’t possibly pick one…here are a few of my favorites and they are in no particular order!

You've always had the powerYou are in control.

God's blessings in disguise.stars - love this!Character...LOVESometimes....You are confined only by the walls you build yourself #quoteTruth


 Always.... @OscarPRGirl

I believe the the quote or quotes that any of us share in this link up could be a snapshot of that person.  I think you might learn a lot about me in this post just by my selection of quotes.  Truth is we’ve all had varying degrees of difficulty in our lives – I chose to use quotes to stay inspired and focused.  I believe in pushing myself to continually improve professionally and socially.  I have high expectations and I don’t believe that anyone should ever “settle” for anything!  Granted those of us with high expectations may be let down by others every now and then but I might just be foolish enough to think that at some point I might encourage someone to exceed expectations.

Hopefully a couple of these have inspired you to try something new or keep trying.

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My Favorite Post ~ “The Good Life” Link-Up!

I didn’t realize until too late that we didn’t have a link up last week so I’m sharing my post from last week…for this week!  Have a great day & thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!


Welcome to another day in the good life!  Since my blog is still pretty new I pulled a more recent post and a couple older ones from before the relaunching of my blog this spring! Hope you like what you find!

Favorite Post On Organization (Semi-Organized Idea! Upcycling Candle Jars!)

I attempt being organized – but I’m not Martha Stewart! I just tend to like things “in their place” wherever that may be!  I started accumulating this stock pile of candle jars but couldn’t decide what to do with them so I cleaned them out and waited for my a-ah! moment.  One night I decided I was tired of stuff strung out all over my desk – so I started with putting binder clips in one jar from Bath & Body Works (BBW), and then my paperclips fit perfectly in a mini-candle jar that was also from BBW.  It has since grown into helping me organize my bathroom closet and medicine cabinet!  Click the link above to read the full post.

Favorite Posts – Reviews – ps.. I’m a bzzagent!

It’s probably no secret by now that I LOVE makeup!  I am also a bzzagent (see last paragraph if you want to become one) which means companies send me products to try; I just use them and share my thoughts with friends, family, or anyone willing to listen or read my blog!


One of my most favorites was:  Covergirl Blast Flipsticks Review  (Click link to read full review!)  These were fun and great conversation starters when I’d wear them but since the review early this year – I’ve never worn Minx (I’m way to pale for that!) and I’ve given Stunner to a friend who can rock a bright red/orange lip a lot better than me. I did keep Vixen and randomly use it!

One other review that I had a lot of fun putting together was: BATTLE of the RAZORS! (Click link to read full review!)


I was sent the Schick Hydro Razor and had my holy grail Gillette Venus Razor so I put them head to head for a true test.  If you are looking for a new razor – I like them both but lean more towards Schick because to me it lasts longer and I get a better shave but if you want to read all the details click the link above!

As far as being a bzzagent goes – I’ve gotten to try out everything from cosmetics to cat food for my kitty!  Its pretty simple if you are interested go to and sign up.  I’ve had some pretty cool products given to me like a Phillips epilator that was a $100 value but those types of scenarios are pretty few and far between.   Usually its smaller scale products but it’s still fun and you get either samples or coupons to share with others and sometimes you get both.

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Nebraska Link-Up “What do I drive?”

I’m excited to be doing my first post with the Nebraska Bloggers – A Day In The Good Life.  Hello Bloggers!  Thank you Suzi for some advice and inviting me to join the linkup!  Please visit Chores & Chandeliers & Keeping Up With Kelsey to read some awesome Nebraska Blogs!

This week’s topic is “What do I drive?”

My current ride is a 2013 Ford Fusion.  At first I wasn’t sure I wanted this car but that was due to the fact that I was in an accident in April where the other party was at fault and totaled my last car (2012 Fusion).  I was frustrated that I lost my car which wasn’t even a year old!  However, after an almost head on collision, I am thankful that I was able to walk away with just some deep bruising from the seatbelt and airbag.  I have had 4 Fusions since 2007 – all have been black.  I need to clarify something  – I lease – I know that raises a lot of eyebrows when I bring it up but I’ve done it for a few years and it works for me.  I do not recommend it for everyone but it is something to consider if it could work for you.  Mainly – if you ever consider it, talk to someone who does lease to get a genuine opinion on how the process works.  A good salesman can talk you into anything – if you don’t know or fail to play by the rules, a lease could bite you pretty hard at the end!  Personally – its been a wonderful partnership with Ford & Woodhouse.

Now – I love black cars, especially Ford’s Tuxedo Black which has….GLITTER in it!  Well metallic flecks – but I prefer to consider it glitter!  🙂  I love how stunning they look when they are clean.  Unfortunately mine is dirty most of the time since  I live in town but work sits on a quarter mile of gravel.  I also love getting decent mileage with my car and since I don’t have a family – it is perfect.

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