No Buy July – { Thoughts & Tips }

When you lose everything and then come back from it, you will realize how little objects mean to you.Hi Loves!  You might remember last year I started a weekly post called Frugal Fridays.  I’m not rich and I had some really tragic spending habits in college and shortly after, but now I’ve been diligently working over the past year or so to focus on making better decisions regarding money and changing my spending habits. Continue reading

Frugal Friday ~ No Buy July was Empowering!

Shopping QuotesA couple of weeks ago I posted how I was doing “No Buy July” where all I could buy was gas and groceries.  I feel so empowered by overcoming my impulses to shop and buy that I’m going to keep the ball rolling.  (Maybe I should change this to “confessions of a shopaholic?!”)  No Buy July has come to an end and here are some closing thoughts on the challenge.

  1. At first I “missed” shopping – but I knew if I went into stores that I LOVE it would be hard to walk out without a sack of stuff.  By mid month I went into Target to buy some pop (soda) that was on sale…browsed through jewelry, makeup, and other areas and didn’t buy anything except for the pop!  (I had bought a mobile groupon in June where $5 got me a $10 gift card for Target so actually only spent $2.07 on 4 -12pks of Dt. Dew!)  YAY ME! If you know me…this was a BIG deal!
  2. Now that the month is over…I am proud that I didn’t cave and look forward to keeping it up!
  3. I found that I could live with out stocking up on my favorite products that were on sale or something that was on clearance!
  4. I shopped my closet and found clothes that I haven’t worn for quite a while…long enough that my boss asked if a couple things were new!
  5. I used what I had and realized I have a lot of stuff to go through before I can buy more (perfume, candles, shampoo & conditioners, etc.)

What’s in store for Frugal Fridays in August?  It’s my birthday month!!!  I’m going to share with you my haul’s using those perks you can get from stores and businesses.  I’ve already gotten two reward gifts (JCP $15, and VS $10) in the mail but my goal is to get it as close to free as possible or at least make each purchase under $5.00.   I’ll let you know how that goes!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!  Let me know if you’ve ever tried a no buy month – how did it go for you?  Once I made it half way through the month it was much easier to finish.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from SITC!!!!!  🙂

10 of the best shopping quotes of all time

Frugal Friday ~ Quick Tip {beauty}


I buy cotton rounds to take off makeup, to apply toner, to remove nail polish, etc.  The uses are endless with these little gems!  But 90% of the time I use them to take off makeup and you’re *supposed* to only use one per eye so you aren’t spreading germs.  The problem I saw filling my bathroom trash basket is that I’d use half for my eye, toss it, and move on to another one.   One day I decided to cut them in half before I put them in my recycled candle jar (see post here) and now I’ve doubled the package size and don’t feel guilty about wasting them!

This might seem silly when you think they are only a couple bucks but I hate wasting anything and would rather use up something instead of throwing it away!  Do you have any money saving beauty tips to share?  I’d love to hear your tricks!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck & have a wonderful day!

Frugal Friday – NO BUY JULY!

This is my first post in Frugal Friday – this post will occur on Fridays and be me sharing various frugal ideas that I have!  Its a tough economy and it seems like everyone I know is working at least two jobs or saving for something or paying off student loans (thanks grad school! lol) but we are all watching our money a little closer than we did before.

*This is by far my most “personal” post ever so…here it goes!*

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I love a good deal.  As a matter of fact I follow various money saving bloggers and vloggers who share with their readers coupon match ups and links for super cheap or free products from stores.  My favorite might be matching a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon (target is the one I use this for the most) and get something crazy cheap or in some cases they pay me the coupon overage and I actually make a few cents on the transaction!

This month I tried something I’ve heard others do but it is so radical to me that honestly, I didn’t know if I could do it!  And now I’m over half way thru my first ever NO BUY month!  There are two exceptions to my rule – I can buy groceries and gas for my car.  I can “shop” all I want but I cannot buy anything for myself that does not fall into the two categories I mentioned.   I should point out to you a couple things that may aide in my ability to do this 1) I’m single and 2) no kids.  If I had a family I think this could be harder for me but maybe not?!  Mom-Friends do think it would be a challenge?  My post is just based on personal experience.

My hardest challenge by far is walking into my favorite stores like JC Penneys or Kohls or Target and not buying makeup, jewelry, or clothes.   Some might say – just avoid the stores – and for the most part I have.  However, I’m also an avid online shopper and emails suck me in so I knew I couldn’t “avoid” shopping.  My method was to allow myself to “LOOK” and I might put things into a cart but  never hit buy.  To be honest – it was hard not to click buy but I reminded myself that its “no buy July” and I can get by with the tons of clothes and jewelry that I already own!

I’ll write a follow up in a couple weeks letting you know what I’ve learned from this experience and share my thoughts.

Have you ever done something like this?  Any ideas you’d like to share on your own frugality or what your favorite money saving tip is?

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck and have a wonderful day!