Frugal Friday {52 week money challenge}

 Hi Loves!

Its time for a Frugal Friday post – and a challenge I’m starting.  No buy months are hit and miss for me.  I try to focus on no-buy days.  Can you go a day without buying anything?  For some of us its much harder than others.

I’m not going to lie, it can be a struggle for me.  One of my favorite money bloggers mentioned something last week that made a lot of sense to me. Continue reading

Frugal Friday – No Buy June!

Hey Everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a Frugal Friday.  I’ve determined starting this week – the remainder of June is a NO BUY. I had to buy a shower gift on Monday otherwise it would have started sooner!

I need to get things back on track for some summer expenses.  As a reminder – no buy months only allow for me to spend money on gas and groceries.  Nothing else. Continue reading

Frugal Friday – Do you budget?!

benjamin franklin quote | bring joyHi Loves!  So the word budget is hit and miss.  Some people love the idea, while the word makes others cringe.  Plus – creating and following a budget can seem like a very complicated and daunting task.  But really… its only as difficult as you make it.

Maybe I’m biased since I work in accounting as a profession, but its not really that difficult.  It does however take a bit of time. Continue reading

Frugal Fridays {NO Spendtember update}

Put the emphasis in your life on faith, family, and health. ~Dave Ramsey: Hey Loves!  We are half through NO Spendtember!! I thought I’d share an update on how things were going.  I’m doing pretty good but its hard at times.

So – OMG – the challenge is real y’all!  I am so tempted every day by emails about sales.  I’ve gone to just deleting them, I don’t even open them.  The temptation is so hard for me but so far – no online purchases for myself/personal use. Continue reading

Frugal Fridays {money tip – track it}

 : Hi Loves!  So I mentioned Dave Ramsey before but I really do like his style and find him inspiring when it comes to money.  This is sort of a mashup of his idea and one I’ve gotten from another financial guy I like Adam Carroll.

Adam suggests tracking your money on a notepad you carry everywhere.  Dave suggests making a budget and tracking your spending there.  This is my take on the two.  And it seems to be working for me! Continue reading