Weekend Mani ~ Purple & Turquoise!

PicsArt_1407192655659Hi Loves!  I’m back with a new weekend mani!  This past weekend, I was putting some nail products away and realized I wanted a fun and summery manicure.  I achieved this manicure using Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #770 Rock Bottom and Sephora By OPI in Not Your Average Turquoise.

I’m not a fan of the purple because its very sheer – this took 3 coats and I can still see through it.  It also flakes really easy on me, but I didn’t do this manicure for it to last, I just wanted something fun!

I would say for a day or two, this is alright but this formula from the Sally Hansen hard as nails line is not one of my go-to’s for a lasting manicure.

What do you think?  I love it, but am a little frustrated that it won’t last very long!

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Weekend Mani { Pink & Gold }

PicsArt_1400537920225Hi Loves!  This weekend’s mani is in one of my favorite colors its Sephora by OPI’s Henna-thing is possible.  Its coming across more pink in the pictures, but its actually a more magenta color and bright pink in sunlight.

On my accent nail is a Sephora Formula X nail polish in Out of Sight.  (I found this a couple weeks ago in my Sephora inside JC Penney’s on clearance for $3.50!)  I love the chunky glitter, however its easy to catch the glitter if you don’t press it down as you apply it and use a thicker top coat.

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Weekend Mani ~ Arm Candy { Sephora by OPI }

IMG_20140401_080626_767Hi Loves,

This weekend’s mani is back to a bright color.  It was in the 70’s over the weekend, and I was ready for a bright color!  This is Sephora’s – Sephora by OPI in Arm Candy.  It is very sheer – this is two coats, and you can still see through it.  Instead of adding more layers, I just left it on the more sheer side.

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Weekend Mani ~ Shopping Frenzy {sephora by OPI}


Hi Lovelies!  I am so bummed that Sephora discontinued this line because I LOVED the formula and colors of these polishes.  Its a shocking bright fuschia pink with some blue undertones.  (I’m sorry I’m horrible at describing colors & scents!) But its pretty vivid and I love it.

I was going through my polish collection last night and wanted a bright & happy color to kick off the week with.  Its been so gloomy here that this is just what I needed!

I’m sure there is a dupe some where for this color and if I come up with one – I’ll definitely let you know since I’m half through my bottle! Continue reading

Weekend Mani


Hi Lovelies!  I’m sorry this post is behind, I spent the weekend working and then was sick but I’m back and on the mend!  I did manage to get my nails done before I took family pictures on Sunday and wanted to share one of my favorite fall colors.  You might have figured out by now that I love dark and bold polishes but also love red polishes.  This week’s mani features Sephora by OPI (I stocked up when they were on clearance!) in Ruby Without a Cause (opaque chrome wine-burgundy with two tone effect) which is still available if you want to order your own!  This is slightly misleading because its a duo-chrome with gold/olive green in it and in the bottle but applied I’m mainly seeing the ruby.  Maybe next time I’ll try to mix it up better.  On my accent nail I’m using a silver shatter polish that I had but never tried before.  I thought it was fun to mix it up for a change.  *Please ignore the chips, I took this picture yesterday so it was 3 days into the mani and I didn’t coat my tips like I normally do!*

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Fall Nails ~ Brown & Gold w/ Silver Glitter


My weekend mani suffered a set back yesterday (Monday) my pointer finger nail had a couple of big chips in it.  It was driving me crazy.  Instead of re-doing that nail or taking off all of my other nails that were still fine, I decided to do an accent nail.  While organizing my nail polish stash over the weekend – I found this gold color that I’ve never used before and liked the idea of how it would pair with the dark brown.  Then added the silver chunky glitter top coat for a little extra sparkle!


Here’s what I used:

  • Brown: Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in #08 Glossy
  • Gold: L’Oreal #580 – because you’re worth it
  • Silver Glitter: Sephora by OPI Jewlery Top Coat in Flurry Up

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