GL Gets Fit #28 {a break}

"enough sleep is just as important for good health as nutrition and exercise"Hi Loves!  Last week after coming off traveling, the end of the cold that wouldn’t got away and a concert late Thursday night,  I only got one day of exercise in.  I’m a little mad at myself since I was able to do 6 weeks of 90 minutes of exercise but I was seriously dragging.  With that – I slacked off and made last week a recovery week.  I feel that if your body is dragging that much and you’re nearly falling asleep at work or taking a cat-naps over lunch – its time for rest!  So I did. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit { weekly update #15 }

TodayHi Loves! How are you this week?  This was a hard week for me, well…more frustrating!  I had meetings a few nights, worked late another night…and I have to confess that I skipped a couple days. 😦

Its better for me to be honest and just put it out there.  Emotionally, I’ve just felt drained and pushed to my limits this week.  I think it was mainly stacking a few things on top of each other that got to me. However – like my quote for the week – today is a new day.  A day to start fresh and keep going. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit ~ New Challenge { weekly update #13 }

Hi Loves! This week marks starting a new 30 day challenge and finding a new way to challenge myself.  I’m really excited for this one, and its the most complex one I’ve tried so far!

While I’ve done the plank challenge and the back challenge both really worked over my arms and back so this new challenge is the:

30 Day Thigh Challenge!

I feel like I need to work over my legs instead of focusing on another challenge that targets my arms.  This will be interesting since I have had issues with my knees and ankles but I’m up for trying it and I’ll modify the movements if necessary.   Continue reading

GL Gets Fit { weekly update #11 }

Fitness motivationHi Loves!  Another week has flown by!  When I started this post series – I had no idea how long I would keep it up.  Also had no idea how I’d see myself “mentally” evolve on this process.  Its been another up and down week and part of my promise to myself and you is to be real about how things are going.  If you’ve “dieted” or started exercising – you  know how frustrating things can be.  Its not easy – some times – its really hard to keep going and motivate yourself.  (Thats where I love making big pink X’s on the days of my current challenge!) Continue reading

GL Gets Fit { weekly update #10 }

weight loss motivational quotes | Celebrating Weight Loss! Motivational Fitness Quotes - Midwestern MomsHi Loves! So 9 weeks!!!! YAY! This has to be a new record for me – and I love that you are reading and even those who don’t read these posts – the thought of writing it keeps me going and motivated to keep moving forward.  So last week was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me and if you’ve been around for a while, you know that I tend to hold my emotions in, and then EAT.  And mostly really unhealthy foods like chocolate. Continue reading